5 Best Water Purifier in India 2019 (RO+UV+UF)

Looking for best Water Purifier in India? Read on to get a list of top 5 Water Purifier with their salient features

Undeniably water is one of the essential requirement ones wants in life. The water one drinks should always be pure and safe for drinking. Consumption of unsafe water can lead to serious health problems. With the risk of an increase in major health issues, the need for water purifiers aroused.

These days using water purifiers in homes has become important and with that, it has become really difficult to choose the best water purifier that provides clean and safe drinking water.

Choosing an optimum water purifier has become a cumbersome task as it involves a lot of things to judge and justify. There are many reasons for drinking filtered water and the most important being the health and fitness of a person. Have you ever felt the need of changing your water purifier or having a better water purifier for yourself?

Why not? Everyone these days use the water purifier at their home to stay healthy and consume fresh and pure water because using contaminated water can result in serious health problems that need to be taken care of!

Do you know which purifier is the best to use for commercial purposes?
There are many purifiers with distinct functions but are healthy to use for commercial purposes. It is the responsibility of every company to provide clean and safe drinking water to their employees and keep them healthy. So with that, it arises the need for the  water purifier.

Ask yourself a question that why do you need a good water purifier at your home? Or which water purifier is the best for you?
It is the concern of every person to have a reliable and trustworthy water purifier.
When it is about purifying your water you need the best one to do!

Do you know the best water purifier for home in India?
A lot of people are confused with which purifier to choose and to trust for using. People spend 1000’s of rupees in choosing a purifier for them that is not even good enough for them to use.

So here are some best water purifiers in India that you can choose for your home easily

1. HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral 10L RO + UV Water Purifier

No doubt Pure It is a reputed and well-known brand in the water purifier industry. The brand purifier is built with ultra-modern technology that has all the best features a purifier should have.
It has a good capacity of 10 liters that is a positive point for the person who buys it. HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV Water Purifier is one of the best ro water purifier India.


  • 1. The purifier comes with affordable price that can be easily bought in a limited budget.
  • 2. Purifies up to 100% of water and provides clean and safe drinking water
  • 3. The best part is its large 10-liter storing capacity which increases the chance of trusting it to buy.
  • 4. The tap imbedded in it is break-resistant and made up of durable material


  • Storage Capacity of 10 Liters
  • Purity Indicator, Turbo Flow, Hands-free Bottle Fill Zone
  • Digital Advance Alert System
  • 6 Stage Advanced Purification using RO+UV


  • Tap Doesn’t Work without Electricity

2. Kent Grand Plus 8L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier with TDS Controller

The new Kent Grand Plus is adaptable to all kinds of water situations, if you need the best water purifier in India it will be worth your investment. It has a storing capacity of 8 liters and it purifies borewell water as well.
You can easily trust the purifier on fresh and clean water. Kent Ro plus maintains a good amount of minerals in the purified water.


  • 1. Kent Grand Plus has a really good storage capacity
  • 2. The brand provides a 1-year warranty along with 3 years of free service
  • 3. It comes along with TDS Controller that maintains water safety and purity
  • 4. It lets you use the waste water of Ro for other essential purposes.
  • 5. The water is liberated from all the chemicals and germs which makes it even more safe to use.


  • Good Storage Capacity
  • Less Water Wastage
  • Suitable for Water from all Sources


  • High Maintenance Cost

3. HUL Pureit Classic RO + UV 5 Litres Water Purifier

Do you know what makes HUL Pureit water purifier the best water purifier in India? Yes, its 6 advanced stage purification process that is unique to have in a water purifier. It purifies tap water as well as borewell water.
Along with all the essential features, it has an inbuilt indicator also that starts giving an alert when the filter doesn’t work or will stop working in the future. It gives a modern look and adds on more to the beauty of the kitchen.


  • 1. It can store water up to 5 liters
  • 2. The tap fixed in it is durable and break-resistant
  • 3. It is easy to install and use and comes with a warranty all over India
  • 4. It can be easily connected with an electricity plug anywhere at your place and then can be used easily.


  • 6-stage purification means safe, clean and tasty water
  • 90% TDS Removal
  • Affordable Price


  • No Auto Alert for Filter Change
  • Small storage capacity

4. Kent Grand 8 liters Wall-mountable RO + UV/UF + TDS Water Purifier

Kent Grand Wall Mountable purifier goes through Multi-Stage Purification and that is what makes it the best water purifier in India. The unique feature it has is the computerized control on its filter.
It has a UV alarm that notifies the user about the water purification and if in case it is not working it will notify you. The kent water purifier is made up of strong plastic material and is long-lasting to use.


  • 1. The purifier can purify up to 15 liters per hour.
  • 2. The incredible thing is it has inbuilt
  • 3. It purifies all types of water and provides clean drinking water
  • 3. It uses double purification and even removes diffused impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and salts.


  • Suitable for Water from all Sources
  • tores Up to 8 Litres of Purified Water
  • Alarms for UV Fail and Filter Change


  • Maintenance Cost

5. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance RO + UV + UF + MTDS Water Purifier

Do you know any purifier that is the best water purifier in India? Does your purifier satisfy all your wants? The best thing about having Eureka Forbes aquaguard water purifier at your place is that it purifies water from borewells, municipal supply, and even water tankers.
With having up to 7 liters of storage capacity it has an electricity-free water supply feature, which means if there is no electricity at your place it will still provide pure drinking water.


  • 1. It has a proper water level indicator that maintains a level of purity
  • 2. It enhances the taste of the drinking water and makes it even better
  • 3. It is the purifier that is the solution to the bad domestic water supply.
  • 3. Eureka Forbes provides Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


  • Improves taste of water
  • Twin-mode tap controller
  • Triple protection of RO+UV+UF makes it completely safe and pure


  • High Maintenance


Various brands are providing the water purifiers in India each of them having different features and qualities. But the best brand is the one which satisfies all your needs and requirements.
We have mentioned all the best brands to buy a water purifier from and analyze all of them according to your needs and wants. Before buying any of them you should always analyze your needs first compare and then buy it.
Because safety and purity are the first preference one gives to anything they buy. Here we will come up to about all the water purifiers if you have any queries you can ask us down in the comment section or you can individually visit the brand’s website and resolve all your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the benefits of using RO+UV Water Purifier?

RO+ UV purifier not only kills the harmful bacteria and germs but also removes harmful elements from the water. It is beneficial to use a safe water purifier and stay fit and healthy, RO+ UV Water Purifier makes the contaminated water clean and pure to use.
These days people are familiar with Ro as it has replaced the word water purifier.

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