Havells Max RO + UV + Mineralizer, 8L Water Purifier

Havells Max RO + UV + Mineralizer, 8L Water Purifier

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Havells max RO UV water purifier pioneers the water appliances sector offering clean and pure water. Its advanced technology offers a 7-stage cleaning process using a combination of RO+UV that gives an edge to havells Ro water purifier.
Boasting of a Compaq design that enables easy mounting, Havells water purifier is ideal for homes and offices. Havells a famous brand in kitchen appliances earmarks this product as one of the best, convenient and efficient purifiers for customers.

Key features

  • 8 Litres of water storage capacity
  • Germicidal UV-C which offers 7- stage purification
  • Capable of treating water from any source.
  • Unique and Compaq design with easy mounting option.
  • Revitalizer factor improves hydration and mineral absorption
  • Alert options for water cut-off, a tank full and other errors.
  • Aesthetically appealing


Havells Water purifier- Your source of clean and safe water

Havells Max water purifier is a fantastic product which helps in getting clean and safe water. This water purifier is a futuristic appliance with ultra-modern design and advance technology that offers honest and safe water. With a dual-tone vibrant shade of white and sky blue, the product looks fantastic. A transparent water tank adds a touch of elegance to the appeal.

Havells Max water purifier reviews are a testimonial to its quality. The ultra-modern equipment comes equipped with features guaranteeing it as a best buy.
Revitalizer and ph maintenance features help in keeping water mineral-rich and fortified. User-friendly options such as Iprotect, automatic water cut off and alerts for tank full, low water pressure or errors in UV, SV, and the pump make the product highly recommendable.

The design is Compaq which enables easy mounting and no extra splash of water. The invasion of any dust particle of external agents is prevented with the help of an ingress protection tank. Havells Max water purifier price ranges from 12000 to 16000 INR, which is quite reasonable.

Besides, Havells water purifier customer care promises personal attention to every customer, thus offering highly customized solutions for users’ complete satisfaction.

  • RO+UV purification- A double stage purification of water is promised as water initially passes through the RO membrane and then passes through the UV sheet, marking the water completely sage.
  • PH Maintenance- A mineral cartridge is provided that corrects and maintains PH factor, thus ensuring that all-natural minerals and other elements are kept intact, keeping water healthy and tasty.
  • Effective purifier – The Havells max water purifier has an approximate water capacity of about 8 litres and has a flow rate measuring 15 litres per hour, making it an efficient product.
  • Revitalizer It structure- A unique feature of revitalizer it is encapsulated in the product which eases hydration and mineral absorption.
  • Constant Monitoring – A unique I protect feature monitoring feature helps in keeping a tab on the entire purification process.


  • Very efficient with seven stages RO+UV purification.
  • User-friendly features like the project and other consumer alerts.


  • Requires annual maintenance

Word of suggestion:

The process of purification of water requires throwing out of 650 ml of water for every litre of water that needs to be processed. It is advised to use this extra 650 ml of water for washing clothes and utensils.
So, enjoy clean and safe water every day with the Havells Max RO UV water purifier.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

1. What is the minimum maintenance cost of an RO water purifier?

The Minimum maintenance cost of an RO purifier is approximately 1000 to 2000 INR which is the cost of the change of the filters that is required annually.

2. How is the servicing facilities of havells water purifier?

Servicing facilities of this water purifier is excellent. Personal attention is levied to every customer, ensuring their specific demands are catered to.

3. What is a better water purifier between Havells and KENT?

Both brands have a unique feature. However, Havells being an international brand in the home appliances segmented is more trustworthy.

4. What is the best water purifier in India for home use?

One of the best water purifier in India for home use is Havells max Ro+ UV water purifier. It can be easily mounted at any corner and provides 7 staged purified water quickly.

1 review for Havells Max RO + UV + Mineralizer, 8L Water Purifier

  1. 4 out of 5

    Harendra Nainiwal

    Good job done by amazon… Got one day delivery.. Next day installation without any problem… Also one thing its not required any pre filter.. This is the good thing also waster taste is superb.. However i will update my review after usage of few days…

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