Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

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Honeywell Move Air Purifier- A safe and convenient way to circulate clean air

Honeywell Move Car Air Purifier is an extremely useful product that helps in purifying and circulating clean air. Equipped with double-layer carbon filters and HEPA filters, this handy device boasts of removing VOCs, dust particles and other toxic gases with ease.

Having a life span of 360 hours, Honeywell move air purifier is ideal for any type of car and can be mounted anywhere with ease.


Product Review:

Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

Honeywell move pure car air purifier is an excellent buy for those looking for a convenient system to keep their air clean.

One of the best air purifiers in India, it comes equipped with double-layer active carbon filter- it helps in removing VOC’s, cigarette smoke, virus, bacteria, toxic gases, formaldehyde and odor with ease. Its complete ozone free nature helms it as a risk-free product as it does not release any kind of toxic ions.

In addition, a high-grade HEPA filter helps in removing PM 25, dust particles and other particulate pollutants to ensure perfectly clean air in the car. It also comes with a filter replacement reminder for uninterrupted working.

Honeywell air purifier can completely trust with its functioning as it boasts of powerful performance with a CADR rate of about 12 CU m/hr. This enables it to be used comfortably in any kind of car ranging from small ones to SUV’s.

Honeywell air purifier has an effective power usage of 12 V DC and produces low noise which is less than 49 Decibels. Its power consumption is also nominal ranging between 6 W to 8 W.

The air purifier comes with a smart switch that can get started on car ignition based on the setting. Its single switch eases operation to manage the device and also controls the two fan speed modes with ease.

Honeywell move air purifier is made up of flame-retardant material, which makes it safe to be used even during scorching summer.

It comes with a connecting cable which is long and flexible enough to offer the comfort of placing the unit as per one’s requirement.

So, you can mount it on the dashboard, or place it at the rear tray parcel or below the seat without any hassles.

Honey air purifier review is good as it comes with easy to install manual along with 4 Velcro fasteners. Its filter has a life of about 360 hours which means that it can run for approximately 5-6 months (per day usage of 2-3 hours) without requiring a filter replacement.

The air purifier price in India is very reasonable. With a 12-month warranty, the product is best suited for any car.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable in usage
  • Strong, powerful and effective filters
  • Long-lasting
  • Filter replacement reminder


  • None

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

1. How can I know about when my filter needs to be replaced?

Honeywell move air purifier has a filter change alert which signals right before the filter needs replacement.

2. Is there any particular area where the air purifier needs to be installed?

Air purifiers can be installed anywhere in the car, on the dashboard, rear tray parcel or back seat as per convenience. A long and flexible cable is provided with a Honeywell air purifier, that helps in easily mounting it anywhere.

3. For how long can an air purifier work without requiring a replacement in the filter?

The Honeywell move air purifier can work for up to 360 hours which means that if it is used for 2-3 hours daily, it can comfortably work for approximately 5-6 months.

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